Enema at home

What it means to do an enema at home

An enema is a method of cleansing the colon using an injection of fluid - basically relaxing the affected bowels to help you poop. Typically, an enema is given to help treat constipation.

What types of enema can be done at home

The purpose of a cleansing enema is to gently flush the colon. It may be recommended before a colonoscopy or other medical examination. Constipation, tiredness, headaches and back pain can be relieved by a cleansing enema. During a cleansing enema, a water-based solution with a small concentration of stool softener, baking soda or apple cider vinegar is used to stimulate movement of the large intestine. A cleansing enema should stimulate the bowels to rapidly expel both the solution and any faecal matter contained within.

A retention enema also stimulates the intestines, but the solution used is intended to be "retained" in the body for 15 minutes or more.

Enema contraindications

Enema is usually the last course of action in the treatment of constipation because of possible side effects.

Enemas - especially those made at home without a nurse's guidance, containing coffee or citrus juice - can cause significant side effects.

  • The type of fluid in the enema can have a major, potentially fatal, impact on a person's electrolyte balance, bowel and overall health.
  • A homemade enema may contain the wrong proportions of salt or soap, which can disturb the body's electrolyte balance. According to at least one medical report, this disruption can be fatal following an enema.
  • Other types of enema can damage the intestines. Coffee, lemon juice and other acidic ingredients in enema solutions can cause irritation, burning and inflammation.
  • Performing an enema - especially at home - also involves the risk of infection. This risk is higher when enema supplies are not sterile. Don't reuse enema kits and make sure all equipment is as clean as possible.
  • In addition, a person runs the risk of perforating or damaging their colon when giving an enema.
Talk to a doctor about your constipation before having an enema at home. Your doctor may suggest alternative treatment options. They can also offer advice on effective enema solutions and safe ways to administer them - possibly with the help of a qualified home health care nurse.

Do not use an enema as a treatment for anything other than constipation! There is no evidence that an enema will help remove toxins from the body, that it will help a person lose weight, or that it will provide any health benefits beyond loosening affected or blocked stool.

How to perform an enema at home

1. The nurse will come to your home on the appointed day and time. If the visit is for a loved one, you will be notified of the start of the visit in real time in the app.

2. If you have a prescription from your doctor, please show it to the nurse, as well as prepare the necessary enema solution. We will ask you to buy everything on the prescription and have it ready.

3. The nurse will explain what she is going to do and make sure you understand what is going on and prepare the enema.

4. The nurse will guide you to lie down in the right position to facilitate the administration of the enema. Place a waterproof cloth under the area where you will be lying down in case you accidentally release the fluid before reaching the toilet.

5. The nurse will administer the enema. After administration, she will advise you how long to lie down (at least 5 minutes, but it can take up to 1 hour) and will stay with you until you go to the bathroom to drain the solution. When the procedure is complete, she will collect all the supplies and take them with her in special containers. You will also receive notification of the completion of the visit. Your home will be as tidy as when the visit began.

Why call TheCareHub for enema at home

Advantages of enema at home

  • Provides choice and control over your own care
  • No long waiting hours at the hospital or clinic for simple procedures
  • Tailored to individual needs - personalised care plans
  • Reduces the risk of hospital-acquired infections
  • Without compromising outcomes, you get a cost-effective, clinically-focused service in the comfort of your own home.

Why work with us?

Because together we build trusting communities for all ages.

What exactly does it mean? By choosing to work with us, you are supporting nurses in the community to have an extra income and a decent life. Many of them are elderly, even retired, as we encourage people to continue working and being active after retirement and support them to do so legally and safely.
Advantages of The Care Hub
♡ Reliable

We work only with qualified and experienced nurses, rigorously checked | Radu, the doctor in The Care Hub team, is always available, to avoid any complications| The Care Hub is approved as a home health care provider by DSP Timis and is in the process of accreditation with the Ministry of Health

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What is the price of an enema at home

The price of a home enema depends on the type of enema prescribed by your doctor.

Microenema - 75 lei

Enema - 150 lei

The price only includes labour and supplies (cotton wool, lubricant, etc.) to administer the injection. Please provide the irrigator (enema machine) and the solution mentioned in the prescription from your doctor.

For rates and a full list of medical services you can request at home, visit our medical services page.

How to request enema service at home

Mobile or web app | You can request home IVs quickly and easily by downloading The Care Hub app for free from the App Store (if you have an iPhone), Google Play (if you have an Android phone) or by going online. Once you sign up for an account, you'll be able to select the services, day and time you want and pay securely and we'll assign the right nurse and confirm the visit!

Booking form | You can also ask us for a quote using the booking form and we will get back to you with a confirmation within 48h and the payment details.

Telephone booking | For those of you who prefer the telephone, please call us on 0373 800 190 to give us your address and the day and time you require. As soon as we find the right nurse we will confirm and send you payment details.
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    Administration of an enema is most commonly used to cleanse the lower intestine. However, this is normally the last resort for the treatment of constipation. If diet and exercise are not sufficient to keep you regular, your doctor may recommend a laxative before trying an enema. In some cases, laxatives are used the night before administering an enema to encourage the flow of waste.

    Enema may also be used before colonic examinations. Your doctor may request an enema before a colon X-ray to detect polyps so that he or she can get a clearer picture. This procedure may also be performed before a colonoscopy.
    Yes, of course! We will assign a nurse who has experience with children.  
The Care Hub's partners are certified and experienced nurses, whom we would welcome into our home.
Because the safety of you and your loved ones is paramount, we interview each nurse (2 of our colleagues attend the interview), ask for and verify medical clearance, certificate of behavioral integrity, licensure and (if needed) references.
Many of our partners are recently retired or close to retirement age because we believe they have a wealth of life experience, great patience and respect for the people they care for, and a natural desire to care for others. But we also work with people of other ages who are looking for flexible work and are also kind, respectful and empathetic.
    To perform an enema, you will need the following:

- Irrigator (enema machine)
- Waterproof material
- Prescription from your GP (if you have one)
- Enema solution (as directed by your doctor)
    If you're mainly thinking of an enema to stimulate and cleanse your digestive system, there may be other less invasive options.  

    Some potential alternatives to enemas, which can promote waste excretion and bowel regularity, include:
    - consumption of caffeinated coffee, which is known to stimulate defecation
    - maintaining good hydration with water
    - regular exercise such as walking, running, cycling or aerobics
    - trying an over-the-counter oral laxative such as magnesium
    - increase fibre intake by eating whole plant foods such as fruit, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds.

    If you have severe constipation or other medical problems, talk to your health care provider to determine if an enema would be a safe and appropriate treatment.

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