Urinary catheter removal and change at home

When is it necessary to change the urinary catheter?

The urinary catheter change is done at the recommendation of your primary doctor. However, if you have symptoms suggestive of a urinary tract infection or catheter blockage, please contact your doctor for evaluation and recommendation, as you may need to change your urinary catheter.

Call the bladder catheter change service if:
- you have a temperature above 38 degrees Celsius,
- you have severe abdominal pain,
- your urine is red or you notice blood clots,
- you notice that there is less urine in the collection bag than usual or none at all,
- the urine has a different smell,
- the catheter comes out on its own, or you have leaking catheters.

How is the catheter removed?

The urinary catheter is removed by emptying the balloon inside the bladder with a syringe or by cutting the valve at the end of the balloon port. The catheter itself is then removed.

How is the patient prepared for the urinary catheter change?

The procedure requires no prior preparation. The only thing you need to do is to buy the materials for the catheter change and wait for the nurse or doctor to arrive.

You will need:
- urinary catheter of the size recommended by your doctor,
- the collection bag,
- sterile gloves,
- sterile compresses,
- Betadine,
- a 10 ml syringe,
- saline solution,
- sterile field.

How is the procedure performed?

If you need to change your urinary catheter, the doctor or a nurse under the guidance of a doctor will explain the procedure to you and then ask for your consent to perform it. In a room where your need for privacy is respected, the nurse will ask you to lie on your back. You will be covered with a sterile drape and your external genitals will be disinfected using Betadine. After lubrication of the urethra you will start inserting the urinary catheter up to the bladder, followed by connecting the collection bag. The urinary catheter and collection bag wil be fixed to the body.

What is the price of urinary catheter change / urinary catheter removal services?

The price of urinary catheter change is 120 lei and the price of catheter removal is 75 lei.

How can you request urinary catheter removal and urinary catheter change services

Mobile or web app | You can request home IVs quickly and easily by downloading The Care Hub app for free from the App Store (if you have an iPhone), Google Play (if you have an Android phone) or by going online. Once you sign up for an account, you'll be able to select the services, day and time you want and pay securely and we'll assign the right nurse and confirm the visit!

Booking form | You can also ask us for a quote using the booking form and we will get back to you with a confirmation within 48h and the payment details.

Telephone booking | For those of you who prefer the telephone, please call us on 0373 800 190 to give us your address and the day and time you require. As soon as we find the right nurse we will confirm and send you payment details.
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The most common complications of urinary catheterisation are:
- bladder spasm: occurs when the bladder tries to eliminate the catheter balloon;
- leakage around the bladder catheter: occurs when the bladder spasms, faeces are difficult to pass or the catheter is blocked;
- blockage of the urinary catheter;
- urethral or bladder injuries;
- bladder lithiasis.
If you have any of these symptoms, please call us on 0373 800 190, or ask your GP. If your symptoms are severe, do not hesitate to call 112.

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