Tele-care - what it is and how it can be accessed

Who can benefit from tele-care?

You and your loved one can benefit from tele-care. Whether you need a reminder to take your medication, carry out an activity or simply want someone to check on you regularly, all of this can be done through the tele-care service.

How does the tele-care service work?

Someone from The Care Hub team will call you, according to the agreed schedule, to check on you or to remind you to complete a particular task. If you don't answer the first call, we will call you back within an hour, if you still don't answer we will initiate the emergency procedure agreed with you. The emergency procedure may include calling a contact person, sending a member of The Care Hub team to your home or any other mutually agreed solution.

What is required for tele-care service?

You, together with The Care Hub team, will establish a calling schedule, what is the reason of the call, and which are the steps The Care Hub team will take if you do not answer the phone. It will be necessary to provide an emergency contact, in case we are unable to get in touch with you.

How do we prepare for tele-care?

Please make sure that the phone number transmitted is correct, the phone on which you are about to receive calls has battery, is nearby and is not in airplane mode, silent mode etc..

How much does the tele-care service cost?

The cost for 30 days of daily tele-care is 120 lei. Emergency visits from The Care Hub will be charged separately.

How to apply for tele-care services?

With a quick and easy phone call to 0373 800 190, Monday to Friday between 09:00-18:00 you can speak to a member of The Care Hub team to schedule tele-care services.

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We currently offer tele-care services in Arad, Bucuresti, Cluj, Oradea and Timisoara.
A member of The Care Hub team will call you or your loved ones. Because the safety of you and your loved ones is our priority, we interview each team member (2 of our colleagues attend the interview), verify medical clearance, behavioural integrity certification, licensure and (if needed) references, and keep in constant contact with beneficiaries to whom our partners have already provided services.
You can request daily telecare services, including Saturdays and Sundays. Services can only be booked in packages of 30 consecutive days.

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