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Home medical analysis promotions
We offer busy professionals complete home testing packages: home collection, blood tests and emailed results. Save valuable time without compromising on your health. Discover the convenience and efficiency of our personalized medical services!
Elderly care promotions at home
We offer monthly packages of 50 or 100 hours for elderly care services, both during the week and on weekends or holidays. Our dedicated team is here to ensure the comfort and safety of you or your loved ones.
Blog news - home care tips
Discover valuable resources for caring for loved ones at every stage of life.
Free home care courses
We offer free home care classes for seniors or families caring for a loved one, as well as for caregivers or nurses.
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Advantages of The Care Hub

The Care Hub connects families looking for reliable care for their loved ones with experienced, rigorously vetted senior caregivers.


Book and monitor your loved one's care online with The Care Hub app!


We assign the right person for you within 48 hours.


The caregivers are experienced gentlemen and ladies, rigorously checked and evaluated frequently.

With impact

Together with you, we're creating dignified work opportunities for older caregivers in the community.

Customer testimonials

„Mama mea este imobilizată la pat și beneficiază de serviciile puse la dispoziție de The Care Hub de câteva luni. Până în prezent sunt mulțumit de activitatea depusă de persoana care se ocupă efectiv de nevoile mamei.”

Dl. Gabi mai 2023

„Servicii foarte bune, punctualitate, profesionalism, sunt foarte mulțumită de colaborarea cu întreg personalul The Care Hub. Recomand cu toată încrederea!”

Dna. Lavinia feb 2023

„Mă bucur ca existați. Chiar sunteți de un real ajutor pentru sute de familii încercate de soartă. Știu că nu vă este ușor să găsiți personal adecvat pentru a putea să onorați solicitările, dar continuați tot așa.”

Dl. Marius 2022

„Seriozitate, promptitudine, profesionalism și înțelegere - asta am găsit la această echipă. Sunt foarte mulțumită.”

Dna. Zora 2022

„Servicii foarte bune, punctualitate, flexibilitate, profesionalism. Mulțumim!”

Dna. Codruța 2023

„Mulțumesc din suflet întregii echipe de la The Care Hub pentru serviciile de calitate, promptitudinea, grija, dar mai ales pentru empatia și omenia de care au dat dovadă în îngrijirea mamei mele și pentru suportul moral acordat tatălui meu! Recomand cu toată convingerea serviciile oferite de această firmă!”

Dna. Simona 2019

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Frequently asked questions
We offer elderly care services in Arad, Bucharest, Cluj, Oradea and Timișoara. Sign up below if you want more info!
Elderly care services are priced at 40 lei per hour. The price of the medical services depends on the procedure required and can be found on the medical-services page.
What are the terms and conditions for each service offered?
- Request a visit at least 48 hours before the visit starts from the free mobile app The Care Hub;
- Set the date, time and place yourself. If the date and time are flexible, let us know;
- We will automatically assign the right caregivers or nurses for your needs.
We, The Care Hub, want to provide job opportunities for recently retired people who clean or care for the elderly and disabled at home. We do this because we believe that the skills and wisdom of older people should be offered, with care and love, to the whole community. We work mainly with recently retired people, but we also have caregivers and nurses of other ages, experienced people who are looking for flexible work for extra income.
Partners and nurses are trained and/or experienced in working with people who are immobile or elderly, and they go through an extensive vetting process to ensure that they are people we would choose ourselves for cleaning in our own homes or when a new loved one would need care at home. In addition, you'll see the ratings caregivers receive from other clients and we make sure we don't work with people with poor ratings.
We strive to find the right person for the chosen services, depending on their training and experience. In addition to this, we also take into account the notes received from other clients, his/her schedule and distance from your address.
Yes, we really encourage you to communicate all the necessary details directly to the caregiver who is going to do your chosen service. Once they have accepted the visit, you will be able to see their phone number in the app (and the caregiver will receive your phone number) and you will be able to get in touch directly.

Cases where you cannot contact the caregiver yourself: arrange next visits. You can also check availability for the next period, but for operational matters (billing, payment, etc.) please contact The Care Hub team. When you make a request for a visit we ensure that it will be honoured according to your needs by a suitable person, taking responsibility for finding someone else if the person you have chosen is unable to honour a visit for whatever reason.

Now you can find us in Arad, Bucharest, Cluj, Oradea and Timișoara

We offer elderly care services at home in Arad, Bucharest, Cluj, Oradea and Timișoara!

If you are busy or live far away, we will support your parents and grandparents as you would!