Frequently asked questions

The majority of home caregivers (The Care Hub partners) are mainly recently retired people. We believe they have a wealth of life experience, patience and great respect for the elderly, and a natural desire to care for others.
Caregivers for the elderly, as our partners, go through a careful selection process, consisting of two interviews, empathy and personality tests, verification of two recommendations, criminal record and medical certificate. During the interviews, we also check their attitude towards people with disabilities and their willingness to help, depending on the type of disability (locomotor, intellectual, visual, etc.) or the degree of serious or severe disability.

Also, each partner of The Care Hub collaborates with us as an Authorised Natural Person, in order to pay taxes to the state and because we want all the activity to be carried out according to the law, both for them and for you.
All our partners go through a training phase where they learn about our values, code of ethics and activity-specific guidelines so that they can provide high quality services with professionalism and dedication. Attending a first aid course offered by SMURD is mandatory for all our partners before they start home visits.

The partners who provide personal hygiene services have completed nursing courses, and a good number of them have completed home care courses.
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The Care Hub Services
- Speed - It takes two minutes to send us a visit request and we will find the right partner within 48 hours;
- Safety - We carefully vet each partner to ensure we choose trustworthy people, and our clients give partners ratings (between 1* and 5*) after each visit. We will send you the profile of the partner you requested, together with the number of visits they attended and the grade they received;
- Flexibility - You choose the date, time and duration of a visit, depending on the services you need. You can even request one-hour visits, even if you don't need help for a longer period, and you can choose the same partner for frequent visits. You can also change or cancel any visit free of charge up to 48 hours before it starts;
- Honesty - We will only pay partners after we are satisfied with the quality of their service, because we believe in doing the right thing;
The services of company, touring, shopping for the elderly are priced at 40 lei per hour.
For food services, personal-hygiene as well as for medical-services, please check the dedicated pages.
Care services can be combined according to your preference (e.g. 1 hour shopping + 2 hours cleaning).
- Download The Care Hub mobile app to book and monitor your desired care visits.
- Or send us details of your desired visit using the "Reserve" button in the top right corner of each page.
- Pay securely and quickly directly from The Care Hub mobile app;
- Or by bank transfer to The Care Hub SRL, IBAN RO65INGB0000999908642150 (RON);
- Or online in The Care Hub account opened on the Netopia mobilPay platform;
- Ask for visits of at least one hour;
- Request a visit at least 48 hours before it starts;
- Set the date, time and place yourself. If the date and time are flexible, let us know;
- Think about the time needed for the visit. Our partner will cover the requirements within this time limit;
- Pay for your visit 48 hours before the start of the visit by bank transfer, based on the invoice sent by us. We will pay the partners after the visit.
Caregivers The Care Hub
We, The Care Hub, work with recently retired people who care for the elderly at home and we do this because we believe that the skills and wisdom of older people should be offered, with care and love, to the whole community.
Some of our partners care for others naturally, without the need for a training course. Ms Mariana, for example, is 63 years old and has worked for over 30 years in the manufacturing and processing industry. She is a disciplined and dedicated individual who can handle many challenges. She wants to stay active and take part in activities where she can help others. As a caregiver, she has helped her relatives in difficult times, but has also offered her support to others outside her family. Other people start their careers by taking a course as a home caregiver or nurse before they start working in this field. Liliana, for example, is 61 and has been an engineer for 30 years. In 2018, she completed a nursing course and cared for elderly people with mobility or health problems that worsened over time, which she also did in a nursing home. She is a diplomatic, warm, pleasant and patient person.
We strive to find the right partner for the services you need for your chosen service, based on their training and experience, but also taking into account the ratings received from other clients, their schedule and distance from your address.
We assure you that we will only send the partner of our choice when our parents or grandparents need home care.
We will send the partner the details of the address you mentioned. We would be grateful if, in addition to the name and street number, you would fill in other details that may help the partner to find your loved one's home more easily (block number, floor, apartment, intercom number, etc.). If you have specific instructions, you can communicate them directly to your assigned partner (either by writing or calling them) before the visit. You will receive your partner's telephone number when you confirm your visit. The partner will be given the phone number you have provided so that they can call you directly if needed.
Of course, with much love! If you prefer a certain person for future visits, you can let us know and we will only send the same partner on future visits.
Yes, we really encourage you to communicate all the necessary details directly to the partner who is going to do your chosen service. Once the partner has accepted the visit, you will receive their phone number (and the partner will receive your phone number) and you will be able to get in touch directly. Please do not contact the partner directly for future visits, but contact us for this purpose. This is the only way we can ensure that the legal aspects of the visits (invoices, payments, etc.) are in order.

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