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Cumparaturi pentru batrani. Cumparaturi la domiciliu, comisioane si plati
Shopping for the elderly. Shopping, errands and payments

What are shopping and payment services for the elderly?

We encourage you to tell us what you need, with clear instructions, and our partner will take care of these requests, whether it's shopping, paying bills, picking up prescriptions from the pharmacy, dropping off and picking up clothes from the dry cleaners or light packages from the post office.

This service is not just about shopping, errands and payments for the elderly, but can also cater for people with disabilities or some degree of disability, if they cannot do these activities themselves. We are aware that, unfortunately for people with mobility problems, Timisoara is not the place where they can easily move around, which is why this service can be of great use to you and your loved one.

Why does anyone need to make payments or shop for the elderly?

For older people, going into town can be quite physically demanding, and cold weather or rain makes going out even more difficult, increasing the risk of slipping or injury.

By asking a The Care Hub partner to make these trips for a loved one, you're ensuring that your loved one doesn't miss a thing, without having to do these activities yourself.

What do shopping and payment services for older people include?

Our partners make purchases, payments or errands for seniors such as:
  • Shopping for food, personal hygiene items, household cleaning products, etc.;
  • Payment of bills for various utilities;
  • Collecting prescriptions from the doctor and pharmacy;
  • Handing in and picking up some dry cleaning;
  • Going to the post office to pick up and/or drop off letters and light parcels;
  • Delivery of light items to a relative/acquaintance, only if they have been checked and approved by you, your loved one or purchased in your presence first;
  • Taking your pet to the vet or for a walk;

Which activities are not part of the shopping and payment service?

Our partners won't:
  • Deliver food at home. They will not go to a restaurant to order or pick up your food. For such services, we recommend that you use home delivery companies;
  • Resolve concerns or other issues with utility providers on your behalf;
  • Use your personal vehicle to transport items of any kind and please do not ask them to drive your car;
  • Buy bulky or very heavy products (maximum 5 kg);
  • Buy clothing or gifts without your loved one or yourself present;
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    - Our partner will come to your loved one's home to receive the instructions and money needed for the requested activities;
    - The shopping list should be planned at least one day in advance of the visit and should be as clear as possible, including details of the types of products, desired brand, quantity, preferred store and address;
    - For food or cleaning products, please specify if there are certain allergens that partners should be aware of;
    ✓ It would help us to offer two or three product alternatives, depending on your preferences. In the absence of these alternatives, if a product is not found, it will not be purchased from elsewhere or replaced based solely on the partner's decision;
    ✓ Concrete details of where payment can be made (bank, post office, utility provider's premises, etc.) must be provided for payment of bills;
    ✓ If the place where you prefer to shop or where you need to make payments is more than 1km away from the address from which the shopping list or invoice is picked up, then you must also cover the partner's transport costs;
    ✓ Please also cover transport if the quantity of products purchased exceeds 5 kg;
    ✓ When buying prescription medicines, the trade name of the products must be clearly specified. It would also help to list product alternatives, if applicable, as well as preferred pharmacies or those you know of that carry those products;
    Our services are priced at 40 lei per hour.
    Care services can be combined according to your preference (e.g. 1 hour shopping + 2 hours cleaning).
    The duration of a visit is very different from one activity to another. A shopping visit to the local shop or pharmacy takes an hour, while sending a parcel to the post office can take between 2 and 3 hours.
    We and our partners would greatly appreciate it if you would take into account the duration of the activity (for example, the delivery of the parcel would take about an hour) and the time it would take our collaborator to get from the parents' or grandparents' home to the desired address and back.
    Our partner will meet your requirements within the time limit requested by you.
- Download The Care Hub mobile app to book and monitor your desired care visits.
- Or send us details of your desired visit using the „Book Now” button in the top right corner of each page.
- Pay securely and quickly directly from The Care Hub mobile app;
- Or by bank transfer to The Care Hub SRL, IBAN RO65INGB0000999908642150 (RON);
- Or online in The Care Hub account opened on the Netopia mobilPay platform;

We, The Care Hub, will hold the money until the visit takes place and will only pay the partners once you confirm that you are satisfied with the quality of service.
If you would like to offer your partner an additional payment for their effort or extra time spent on your chosen service, please contact us to issue the invoice. Payments without an invoice are illegal and we would appreciate it if you would not encourage them for the sake of the collaboration.
    If you wish to change any details of a visit already booked, please write to us in advance (at least 48 hours before the start of the visit) and we will inform the partner immediately.

    If he agrees to the changes of the visit, we will confirm the details by email.

    If the partner cannot accept the changes you want, we will let you know and you can choose to work with another partner available at the time and time you want or cancel the visit. Cancellations made at least 48 hours before the start of the visit are not penalised (for details, please read the Modification and Cancellation of Visits policy).

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