Cleaning and light housekeeping services for the elderly - Arad, Bucharest, Cluj, Oradea and Timișoara

We make sure your loved one lives in a healthy and caring environment.
Servicii de curățenie și menaj ușor pentru bătrâni - Timișoara
Cleaning and light housekeeping services for the elderly - Timisoara

What are cleaning services for the elderly?

As part of our Light Cleaning services, our partners ensure that your loved one lives in a healthy and cared for environment.

Light cleaning is the weekly cleaning that each of us would do in our loved one's home if we had the time to do it every time.

Why is there a need for a housekeeper for the elderly?

As your loved ones get older, they find it harder to do certain activities that require physical effort, such as cleaning. Problems usually start with those activities that involve lifting heavier objects or sitting in a less comfortable position with stress on the joints. For this reason, cleaning the toilet bowl, carrying a bucket of water to wash the floor, dusting hard-to-reach areas will be the first actions the elderly will do less often and their home will be less healthy.

Elderly people who insist on doing these activities alone are exposing themselves to back pain or risk of falls, and the medical consequences can be serious for them and for you as a family member.

Easy housekeeping services for the elderly help your elderly loved ones enjoy a hygienic and healthy environment where they are better protected from viral or bacterial infections.

Also, these services for your parents or grandparents ensure that they will not do activities that are risky for their health, which is why you will avoid visits to the emergency room.

What do cleaning services for the elderly include?

To ensure a healthy and caring environment for older people, our partners will:
  • Cleaning bathrooms: washing and disinfecting frequently used areas (toilet bowl, sink, tub/shower), mopping floors, organizing frequently used bathroom items (shampoos, soaps, etc.), changing and arranging towels on the stand or in the closet;
  • Cleaning the kitchen: cleaning and degreasing frequently used areas (sink, stove top, countertop or table, outside refrigerator, etc.), throwing away leftovers from dishes, washing and arranging dishes used during the day, sorting out expired or stale food from the refrigerator (only with the explicit consent of the elderly caregiver), throwing away trash, organizing frequently used items in the kitchen, etc..;
  • Cleaning rooms: airing out the space according to your loved one's wishes, sweeping/vacuuming and mopping floors, vacuuming carpets, dusting frequently used surfaces and removing easily accessible cobwebs, changing bed linens and tidying the bed, organizing light items - books/magazines, picking up clothes left around the house, etc., caring for houseplants, etc..;
  • Wash (machine), iron and tidy the elderly person's recently used clothes;
  • Pet care: feeding your pet and cleaning up after your pet;
  • Clean the yard or balcony: light sweeping (floor, leaves, etc.), watering the lawn and flowers;

Which activities are not part of the cleaning service?

General cleaning activities, which are done infrequently (once/twice a year), are not included in the services provided.
Our partners won't:
  • They dust and won't remove cobwebs from hard-to-reach places;
  • Scrub nor will they wash carpets and rugs with brush/sponge and solution;
  • Polish the wooden floors, nor will they wash the floors and carpets in the walkways or balcony;
  • Wash windows or glass, nor will they clean windowsills, doors, hinges, sockets or switches;
  • Wash nor will they change curtains or blinds;
  • Wash and will not disinfect the tiles in the bathroom and kitchen;
  • Wash nor will they disinfect or degrease areas in the kitchen that don't need cleaning as often, such as the inside of the oven or refrigerator;
  • Wash clothes that are more likely to require professional laundry services;
  • Organize long-unworn clothes in closets or wardrobes by season;
  • Do gardening activities (e.g. grafting, potting, etc.) or raking, digging, mowing lawns, hedges or trees, pruning trees/gardens, planting trees, bushes, leguminous plants, etc.;
  • Perform any operations requiring technical knowledge, such as: changing light bulbs, repairing objects, etc.;
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Our services are priced at 40 lei per hour.
Care services can be combined according to your preference (e.g. 1 hour shopping + 2 hours cleaning).
    For example, for a 60 m2 apartment, weekly cleaning will take between 3 and 4 hours. If the apartment has not been cleaned for a while, cleaning will take 5 to 6 hours.
    In our experience, the amount of time it takes to clean the rooms in a home depends on the purpose of each area, not just the size of the room:
    - Each bathroom takes between 1-1.5 hours to clean and sanitise properly;
    - The kitchen, usually a busy space for the elderly, will require 1-2 hours to be clean, hygienic and tidy;
    - The rooms need 45 min - 1 hour to be cleaned and tidied;
- Download The Care Hub mobile app to book and monitor your desired care visits.
- Or send us details of your desired visit using the „Book Now” button in the top right corner of each page.
- Pay securely and quickly directly from The Care Hub mobile app;
- Or by bank transfer to The Care Hub SRL, IBAN RO65INGB0000999908642150 (RON);
- Or online in The Care Hub account opened on the Netopia mobilPay platform;

We, The Care Hub, will hold the money until the visit takes place and will only pay the partners once you confirm that you are satisfied with the quality of service.
If you would like to offer your partner an additional payment for their effort or extra time spent on your chosen service, please contact us to issue the invoice. Payments without an invoice are illegal and we would appreciate it if you would not encourage them for the sake of the collaboration.
    If you wish to change any details of a visit already booked, please write to us in advance (at least 48 hours before the start of the visit) and we will inform the partner immediately.

    If he agrees to the changes of the visit, we will confirm the details by email.

    If the partner cannot accept the changes you want, we will let you know and you can choose to work with another partner available at the time and time you want or cancel the visit. Cancellations made at least 48 hours before the start of the visit are not penalised (for details, please read the Modification and Cancellation of Visits policy).

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