Home care for the elderly - Arad, Bucharest, Cluj, Oradea and Timișoara When autonomy declines due to old age, home care services provide the support they need to maintain a high quality of life.
Help your loved ones maintain their dignity and quality of life by offering support when their independence begins to be affected by old age.

We check the safety and general condition of the older person.

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We ensure a healthy and clean environment by cleaning frequently used areas.

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We accompany the older person on trips away from home as needed.

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We take care of recurring worries so that the older person has everything they need.

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We prepare a meal adapted to the needs of the person being cared for and help them eat.

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We help to maintain a neat and tidy appearance, according to individual needs.

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About The Care Hub and home care for the elderly

What is home care for the elderly?

Elderly home care services include activities tailored to the needs of the elderly person, aimed at maintaining a high quality of life.

With age, your loved one will need help with daily activities - cleaning the house, making payments or shopping, going to the doctor or for walks, feeding and maintaining personal hygiene (dressing, bathing, shaving or haircuts, etc.), taking medication, etc. Their emotional comfort is also important, and spending time with another person, talking about daily happenings, helps older people not feel lonely, especially when family is far away.

Home care can also include nursing activities, provided by qualified staff (nurses or doctors). See here for details of home care services provided by specialists in The Care Hub community.

When and for whom are elderly home care services recommended?

These services are needed when the independence of loved ones decreases due to old age, affecting their quality of daily life, and are recommended for older people when family support is not sufficient to ensure that they live as they wish.

Using home elderly care services helps you, the family members, provide needed help to your loved ones when you go on vacation, are busy, live far away, or want to spend time with your parents and grandparents in ways other than cleaning or shopping for them. Besides care services, our partners also cover housekeeping for the elderly or shopping.

What types of home elderly care services can you offer?

The Care Hub offers access to six services, depending on the needs and requirements of older people:

  • 1) Light cleaning. Provide your loved one with a healthy and cared for environment by vacuuming carpets and mopping floors, cleaning frequently used areas in the bathroom and kitchen, dusting, washing, ironing and tidying clothes or bedding, washing dishes used during the day, throwing out trash, organizing light items, caring for plants.
  • 2) Personal hygiene. We contribute to keeping a spruced up appearance by helping the elderly person with washing their body, head, teeth, shaving, cutting and filing nails etc., combing and arranging hair in a simple way, help with choosing clothes and dressing, as well as support for going to the toilet if necessary.
  • 3) Shopping and payments. We take care of the daily worries so you and your loved one can spend quality time together. You tell us what you need, with clear directions, and our partner takes care of it, whether shopping, paying bills, picking up a prescription from the pharmacy or delivering and picking up light parcels from the post office.
  • 4) Meal prep. We prepare a meal tailored to your loved one's preferences and help with feeding, according to your or their instructions, using food you have already bought or that is available at home.
  • 5) Outdoor visits. We support an active lifestyle by accompanying your loved one during activities outside the home, such as medical check-ups, walks in the park, visiting friends, seeing a show, shopping for wardrobe updates, or going to a favorite bakery.
  • 6) Companionship. We check the safety and general wellbeing of your loved one, making sure they participate in enjoyable and relaxing activities in the company of warm people who treat them with special respect and care.

In which cities do you offer services?

We offer elderly care services in Arad, Bucharest, Cluj, Oradea and Timișoara. Sign up below if you want more info!

Now you can find us in Arad, Bucharest, Cluj, Oradea and Timișoara

We offer elderly care services at home in Arad, Bucharest, Cluj, Oradea and Timișoara!

If you are busy or live far away, we will support your parents and grandparents as you would!