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We make sure your loved one is safe and gets the attention they need to maintain an overall wellbeing.
Companie pentru vârstnici - Timișoara
Companionship - Timisoara

What are companionship services for the elderly?

With companionship services for the elderly, we make sure that your parents or grandparents are safe and receive the attention they need so that they can enjoy an overall well-being. These services can also be dedicated to people with disabilities or those with some degree of disability, regardless of age.

Why do the elderly need company?

Meeting and communicating with other people is necessary to maintain a general state of well-being. Because mobility problems can arise as people get older, feelings of loneliness can be felt by loved ones, with real and negative effects on health - increased stress levels, sleep problems or increased risk of heart attack, stroke in the case of lonely people.

Often you, as a family member, live far away or are busy with work or your own family, so you don't have enough time to spend with your parents or grandparents. So home care services for the elderly can be of real benefit to you and your loved ones when you need them.

You can call on our partners for help. They are recently retired people who are close in age and interests to your parents or grandparents and want to have an active life after retirement, helping other people.

What do companionship services for older people include?

We make sure your loved ones spend quality time taking part in enjoyable activities in the company of warm people who treat them with respect and care. Our partners can have conversations about the latest social events in Timisoara and beyond in a polite way or take part in actions aimed at keeping the mind active:

  • Visits to check on the general condition of the elderly person when you are away on holiday;
  • Moving inside the house or short walks nearby (in the yard, in front of the block);
  • Conversations on topics of common interest to your loved one (presenting news, discussing books, events or other topics, polite debates on various information or even listening to life stories);
  • Reading a book aloud;
  • Doing activities that keep the mind active (e.g. backgammon, chess) or creative activities such as painting;

What activities are not part of the company service?

Our partners won't:
  • Cooking, washing, cleaning or shopping. You can always request these services (Light Cleaning, Shopping and Paying etc.) as separate services;
  • You offer professional advice (counselling, therapy, etc.), whatever the field - for example, advice on physical or mental health, interior decoration, event organisation, etc..;
  • Do remedial gymnastics or other activities that require special training (physiotherapy, etc.);
We offer elderly care services in Arad, Bucharest, Cluj, Oradea and Timișoara. Sign up below if you want more info!
    - Our partner will come to your loved one's home;
    - The activities that will take place will be determined according to the needs and interests of the older person and your recommendations;
    - We respect both your loved ones and our employees equally. They have the option, but not the obligation, to participate in certain activities (for example, they cannot be asked to sing if they do not want to);
    Our services are priced at 40 lei per hour.
    Care services can be combined according to your preference (e.g. 1 hour shopping + 1 hour company).
    The length of a visit depends on you and the wishes of the older person, as long as you book at least an hour. Our partner will meet your requirements within the time limit requested by you.
- Download The Care Hub mobile app to book and monitor your desired care visits.
- Or send us details of your desired visit using the „Book Now” button in the top right corner of each page.
- Pay securely and quickly directly from The Care Hub mobile app;
- Or by bank transfer to The Care Hub SRL, IBAN RO65INGB0000999908642150 (RON);
- Or online in The Care Hub account opened on the Netopia mobilPay platform;

We, The Care Hub, will hold the money until the visit takes place and will only pay the partners once you confirm that you are satisfied with the quality of service.
If you would like to offer your partner an additional payment for their effort or extra time spent on your chosen service, please contact us to issue the invoice. Payments without an invoice are illegal and we would appreciate it if you would not encourage them for the sake of the collaboration.
    If you wish to change any details of a visit already booked, please write to us in advance (at least 48 hours before the start of the visit) and we will inform the partner immediately.

    If he agrees to the changes of the visit, we will confirm the details by email.

    If the partner cannot accept the changes you want, we will let you know and you can choose to work with another partner available at the time and time you want or cancel the visit. Cancellations made at least 48 hours before the start of the visit are not penalised (for details, please read the Modification and Cancellation of Visits policy).

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We offer elderly care services at home in Arad, Bucharest, Cluj, Oradea and Timișoara!

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