Code of ethics

Code of ethics


The Care Hub has developed and adopted this Code of Conduct and Ethics to provide guidance on the ethical business standards and care practices that guide our organization. The Care Hub is committed to providing the highest quality of care to our beneficiaries. The Care Hub strives to do this by complying with all applicable laws, government regulations, third-party payer requirements, and policies and procedures.
The Code of Conduct and Ethics is derived from our mission and guiding principles and affirms the values and professional standards that already exist among our employees and collaborators.
We are committed to upholding our code of conduct and ethics.
Our success requires the active participation of every person associated with our organisation. If you know or suspect that a law, regulation, policy or our code of conduct and ethics is not being followed, you must report this information. The door is always open if you wish to report or discuss a concern.
To help you report, write to us at [email protected].
I can assure you that the management team will not tolerate retaliation for good faith reporting of issues or concerns to anyone in management.
I am committed to the code of conduct and ethics. I am convinced that our efforts are essential to providing high quality services to our beneficiaries.
Monica Moldovan
Founder of The Care Hub

The Care Hub is committed to serving beneficiaries in an ethical, legal and responsible manner, consistent with our organization’s mission and values. We strive to provide high quality services in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and guidelines, as well as The Care Hub’s policies and procedures.
The Care Hub’s Code of Conduct and Ethics, as well as all laws, regulations, guidelines and The Care Hub’s policies and procedures, must be followed by everyone in our work environment or acting on behalf of the organization. No one, regardless of position, will be allowed to compromise adherence to the Code of Conduct and Ethics, existing laws, regulations, business standards, policies or procedures. Failure to comply with the Code of Conduct and Ethics or applicable laws, regulations, policies and procedures may result in serious damage to our relationship with our beneficiaries, legal action against the organization and/or individual employees, and disciplinary action (including termination of employment or collaboration).
The Code of Conduct and Ethics adopted by The Care Hub is intended to ensure that we meet our compliance goals in today’s health care and business environment, as well as provide high quality services. The Code of Conduct and Ethics is designed to provide general guidance and complement other home care policies and procedures.

We are committed to providing high quality care. Our first responsibility is to our beneficiaries and their families.
We strive to provide the best possible level of care to beneficiaries.
We will provide quality care in line with the philosophy that all aspects of care should be taken seriously.
We will respect the dignity of each patient by responding to all the beneficiary’s questions, concerns and needs in a timely manner.
We will treat each beneficiary with respect and compassion at all times.
We will not discriminate against a beneficiary on any basis, including race, color, sex, national origin, age, disability or any other classification protected by law.
We will maintain the confidentiality of beneficiaries’ personal records in accordance with all laws and professional standards.
We will comply with all applicable laws regarding beneficiaries’ rights and personal information.

We are committed to maintaining high standards of professional integrity. We will provide beneficiary care and conduct business in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and policies.
We will promptly report to management any time there has been a possible violation of law, regulation or policy. All reported concerns will be handled in a fair and prompt manner.
We will not tolerate any retaliation or other negative action against an employee or collaborator who, in good faith, reports a possible violation or concern.
We will not offer or accept any gifts, rewards, bribes, discounts or anything else of value for the conduct of the organization’s activities.
We will ensure that all agreements with an individual or organization that may be a source of referrals or may generate referrals are in writing and approved by management prior to execution.
We will bill payees and third-party payers in accordance with the provisions of applicable laws, regulations, policies and procedures.
We will strive to ensure that complete and accurate personal records of beneficiaries are maintained in accordance with privacy and security laws, regulations and policies.
We will ensure that confidential beneficiary information is accessible only to staff involved in the beneficiary’s care, third-party payers, and others authorized to review beneficiary information.
We will expect all employees and associates to be familiar with applicable laws, regulations and policies governing their area of work and responsibilities.

We recognize that our employees and collaborators are our most valuable resources. We are committed to creating a workplace where employees and associates are treated with respect and fairness, and are supported to perform their work to or beyond expectations.
We will provide an inclusive working environment for all associated with The Care Hub, a place free from harassment and bullying. We will not tolerate verbal, physical or sexual harassment.
We will make all hiring and promotion decisions regardless of race, color, sex, national origin, age, disability or any other classification protected by law.
We will continually strive to build trust and professionalism in every employee and collaborator.
We will maintain open lines of communication so that the views of every employee and contributor can be taken into account and their opinions are properly respected.
We will show respect and consideration for each other, regardless of status or position.
We will enforce the Code of Conduct and Ethics and personnel policies for all employees, regardless of job position.
We will provide reasonable training opportunities to assist employees and collaborators in developing and maintaining their professional skills.
We are committed to maintaining a workplace that protects the health and safety of our beneficiaries, employees and collaborators. We will report to appropriate management personnel any practices that may violate a safety standard.
We will not tolerate violence in the workplace, including threats, harassment or assault against a person.
We will not tolerate people working under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol.
We will comply with state and local laws, regulations and rules that promote health and safety protection.
We will familiarize ourselves with and abide by the contents of the Code of Conduct and Ethics and the policies and procedures applicable to employment or collaboration and responsibilities at The Care Hub.

We are committed to protecting The Care Hub’s property and information against loss, theft, destruction and misuse.
We will properly use and care for all property and equipment entrusted to us.
We will maintain and inventory supplies and fixed assets and keep them safe.
We will respect a recipient’s property and assets and will not engage in any unauthorized use.
We will not make unauthorized copies of computer software or use unauthorized software on The Care Hub or recipients’ computers.
We will not communicate or transfer any information or documents to any unauthorised person.
We will respect beneficiary confidentiality and will not disclose or discuss beneficiary information except with staff involved in beneficiary care, payment for services, or other activities directly related to care or payment.
We will not use computers, software, e-mail, fax machines or other technologies to communicate information to unauthorized persons. In addition, the use of technology to send offensive, discriminatory or harassing messages is prohibited.
We will protect the use and disclosure of protected personal information, including information related to care, medical history, current health status, payment for care and other information contained in beneficiaries’ personal records

We are committed to acting in good faith in all aspects of our work. We will avoid conflicts of interest or the appearance of conflicts between any employee’s private interests and their job duties.
We will exercise good faith and fair dealing in all transactions involving our responsibilities to The Care Hub.
We will dedicate our attention and activities exclusively to The Care Hub and its beneficiaries during our working hours.
We will not knowingly engage in any activity, practice or act that creates an actual or apparent conflict of interest with The Care Hub.
We will report an actual or perceived conflict of interest to The Care Hub’s management as soon as we become aware of it.
We will not abuse our position or use it for personal or illegitimate gain.

We will report concerns about actual or potential wrongdoing without fear of retaliation.
The Care Hub has adopted an anti-retaliation policy to protect employees who report concerns. No disciplinary action or retaliation will be taken when you “in good faith” report an issue, concern or potential violation to management.
The “in good faith” requirement means that an employee actually believes or perceives the reported information to be true.
Appreciate each person. Everyone has the right to be treated fairly and with respect.
The Care Hub encourages employees and co-workers to report concerns.
You can report concerns as follows:
Step 1 Discuss the question or concern with your supervisor directly. Your direct supervisor is most familiar with the laws, regulations and policies that pertain to your work.
Step 2 If you do not feel comfortable talking to your supervisor or feel you have not received an adequate response, contact your supervisor’s manager or another member of the leadership team.
Step 3 Contact the founder of The Care Hub at [email protected]

We expect all employees and associates to comply with all laws, regulations and policies. Anyone who knows or suspects a violation should report this information. If an employee or employee does not report a violation, he/she may be subject to disciplinary action even if not directly involved. Reporting does not protect an employee or co-worker from disciplinary action regarding their own performance or conduct, but their honesty in reporting will be considered.
We expect the management team to demonstrate a commitment to ethical and lawful behavior that is consistent with The Care Hub’s mission. Management is responsible for maintaining an environment that emphasizes commitment to the Code of Conduct and Ethics and laws, regulations and policies, and prohibits retaliation against employees and associates who report actual or potential compliance violations. A supervisor or manager has an obligation to ensure that employees and co-workers:
Have received, read and understood the Code of Conduct and Ethics;
They understand their duty to report actual or potential violations of the Code of Conduct and Ethics;
They know and comply with all laws, regulations and policies within the scope of their responsibilities;
I know the procedures for reporting potential or actual violations; and
Encourages others to ask questions and report actual or potential violations.
If an employee or co-worker comes to a supervisor or member of the management team with a question about compliance with a law, regulation or policy, they are responsible for:
Taking steps to ensure that the employee is not afraid of or subject to retaliation;
Maintaining employee confidentiality;
Collect accurate information on the employee’s report;
Following due process so that reports of violations or suspected violations can be investigated further; and informing the employee that their report is under investigation.

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