Home care for people with disabilities (coming soon)

When your quality of life is affected by a disability, companionship and care services support you to live independently and be actively involved in the community.
Îngrijire la domiciliu pentru persoane cu dizabilități Timisoara The Care Hub
Home care for people with disabilities

About The Care Hub and disability care

Services for accompanying or caring for people with disabilities at home include activities adapted to the needs of the person, depending on the type and degree of disability, aimed at maintaining a high quality of life.

The services provided by our partners aim to support independent and socially engaged living and to support occasional care provided by families and/or personal assistants to people with disabilities.

What are the advantages over residential care for people with disabilities?

- Support from The Care Hub partners helps people with disabilities maintain their independence, regardless of the degree or type of disability.

- We help integrate into the community. Social activities, participation in sports or cultural events in the city are important and can be maintained with the right support.

- We offer a flexible and accessible help option. You decide the date and time of a visit, as well as the duration, depending on the services you need. You can even request one-hour visits without any further obligation and choose the same partner for repeat visits. You can also change or cancel any visit free of charge up to 48 hours before it starts.

What are disability care services and how do they work?

Care services for people with disabilities include activities tailored to the person's needs to maintain both an independent, quality life and active involvement in the community.

Support includes help with daily activities - cleaning your home, helping with payments or shopping, going to the doctor or for walks, feeding and maintaining personal hygiene (dressing, bathing, haircuts or shaves, etc.), as well as help with activities that contribute to your emotional comfort, chosen by you and/or with the recommendation of your family/personal assistant.

Home care can also include nursing activities, provided by qualified staff (nurses or doctors).See here for details of home care services provided by specialists in The Care Hub community.

What types of disability care services do you offer?

Companion and home care services include:
  • Easy cleaning. We ensure a healthy and neat environment by vacuuming carpets and mopping floors, cleaning frequently used areas in the bathroom and kitchen, dusting, washing, ironing and tidying clothes or bed linen, washing dishes used during the day, throwing out rubbish, organising light items, caring for plants.
  • Personal hygiene. We help keep you looking smart by helping with washing your body, head, teeth, shaving, cutting and filing nails etc., combing and styling your hair in a simple way, helping with clothes selection and dressing, as well as support with going to the toilet if needed.
  • Shopping. We take care of your daily worries - you tell us what you need, with clear instructions, and our partner takes care of it, whether it's shopping, paying bills, picking up your prescription from the pharmacy or delivering and picking up light parcels from the post office.
  • Meal preparation. We prepare the meal to suit your preferences and help you with feeding, according to your instructions, using food you have already bought.
  • Visits to the city. We support an active lifestyle by accompanying you on activities outside the home, such as medical check-ups, walks in the park, visiting friends, seeing a show, shopping to update your wardrobe or going to your favourite bakery.
  • Company. We check your safety and general well-being by participating with you in enjoyable and relaxing activities in the company of warm people who treat you with respect and special care.
    These services are needed when your independence suffers due to disability, affecting your quality of daily life or social life.
    Care is recommended both for people with disabilities who are alone and in situations where family support is not (currently) sufficient.
    We receive requests from wonderful people who are determined to overcome their own barriers. Simona uses cleaning services because she is blind and needs help with general cleaning from time to time, especially in the kitchen. Geanina, who uses a wheelchair, has asked us for help to go to the gym. Alina has asked us to accompany her to the doctor for her monthly visit, as travelling alone in a wheelchair in Timisoara is difficult (unfortunately). Mrs Elena uses the care services for various shopping, as the block she lives in (on the first floor) does not have a wheelchair accessible lift.
    Companion and home care services also help family members to provide the support their loved one needs to enjoy an independent and engaged life in the community, even when they are away on holiday, busy or living far away.
    We also receive requests from organisations and associations for people with disabilities for services needed by people with disabilities. For example, several members of the Something To Say Association, a group of self-represented people with disabilities who understand the importance of making their voices heard, call on The Care Hub's partners for companionship and home care services when they need it, encouraging others in their circle to let themselves be helped when needed or when those in their immediate vicinity are unable to.
    The majority of home caregivers (The Care Hub partners) are mainly recently retired people. We believe they have a wealth of life experience, patience and great respect for people with disabilities, and a natural desire to care for others.
    Caregivers for the elderly, as our partners, go through a careful selection process, consisting of two interviews, a check of recommendations, criminal record and medical certificate. During the interviews, we also check their attitude towards people with disabilities and their willingness to help, depending on the type of disability (locomotor, intellectual, visual, etc.) or the degree of serious or severe disability.
    All our partners go through a training phase where they learn about our values, code of ethics and activity-specific guidelines so that they can provide high quality services with professionalism and dedication. Attending a first aid course offered by SMURD is compulsory for all our partners, once a year.

    The partners who provide personal hygiene services have completed nursing courses, and many have completed home care courses. The vast majority of them have experience in caring for other people, either with a certain disability or even invalids, or have worked in a hospital, nursing home or other such institution.
    Our services are priced at 40 lei per hour.

    Care services can be combined according to your preference (e.g. 1 hour shopping + 2 hours personal hygiene).

    When the desired service involves travel for a person with reduced mobility (e.g. the person is in a wheelchair) or personal hygiene, we will send two partners to ensure your safety, and the hourly rate will be 60 lei.
    - Ask for visits of at least one hour;
    - Request a visit at least 48 hours before it starts;
    - Set the date, time and place yourself. If the date and time are flexible, let us know;
    - Mention details of your loved one's disability to help us match the right partner(s) (e.g. if the person has reduced mobility or is disabled);
    - Think about the time needed for the visit. Our partner will cover the requirements within this time limit;
    - Pay for your visit 48 hours before the start of the visit by bank transfer, based on the invoice sent by us. We will pay the partners after the visit.
    We, The Care Hub, will issue you with the necessary invoices to pay for each visit and you will be able to pay by bank transfer.

    If you have chosen to receive the caregiver's allowance, you will be able to use it for home care and companionship services provided by us and our partners.
    The Care Hub partners prefer to work just a few hours a day, a few times a week. Unfortunately, we will not be able to help you find and hire a permanent professional assistant, but we can support you for a while with the daily activities until you find the right person.

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