Ear washes

When is the ear washes procedure indicated

Ear washes are indicated if you have excess wax (cerumen) buildup in your outer ear. This can cause a "full" feeling in your ear, decreased hearing and balance, pain or itching.

Ear washes are also indicated if the view of the tympanic membrane is impaired due to excess earwax buildup.

How to perform the ear washings procedure at home

The medical staff coming to your home will explain the procedure and then ask your permission for it to be performed.

You will be asked to sit on a bed, sofa or armchair which you will need to cover with a waterproof material to prevent it from getting dirty. Oxygenated water or cerumenolytic substance will be introduced into the ear canal and left for 15-30 minutes to soften the ear wax. After that the healthcare professional will put a kidney tray under your ear and ask you to open your mouth. The flushing fluid will be inserted into the ear canal using a Guyon syringe and wait for the contents to drain out. Repeat the procedure until the fluid drained is clear. At the end of the procedure, the ear canal will be dried with compresses.

The medical staff will make sure your condition is good before you leave.

What is the price for the ear cleaning procedure

The price for ear washes is 100 lei for both ears.

How can you request the service of ear washes at home

Mobile or web app | You can request home IVs quickly and easily by downloading The Care Hub app for free from the App Store (if you have an iPhone), Google Play (if you have an Android phone) or by going online. Once you sign up for an account, you'll be able to select the services, day and time you want and pay securely and we'll assign the right nurse and confirm the visit!

Booking form | You can also ask us for a quote using the booking form and we will get back to you with a confirmation within 48h and the payment details.

Telephone booking | For those of you who prefer the telephone, please call us on 0373 800 190 to give us your address and the day and time you require. As soon as we find the right nurse we will confirm and send you payment details.
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Ear flushing is contraindicated if you suffer from severe otitis, have a perforated eardrum or if you have a stoma in your eardrum, cannot sit upright or still during the procedure or if a foreign object is present in the ear canal. The procedure is also contraindicated if you have a history of middle or inner ear disease, especially vertigo and ear surgery.
You will need a 200 ml Guyon syringe, sterile water at a temperature of 37 degrees Celsius, hydrogen peroxide or a cerumenolytic ear solution prescribed by your specialist or GP, compresses, kidney tray.

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